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Titanium Morning Supplement

Le Supplément Diététique Morning absorbs dietary fat and helps weight loss, best result are achieved when combined with Le Supplément Diététique Night.

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Le Platine Dietary Supplement, as compared to overweight management products is, it traps the broken down molecules before they have a change to become metabolized and prevent their absorption and subsequent storage in the digestive treat. It renders the broken down molecules not useful by binding them in a large mass that is then too large for the small intestines to be absorbed. The large mass is then excreted in the stool. No more dieting and pressure. Is the gentle and healthy weight loss method.

30 capsules


One capsules every morning after meal.

Le Supplément Diététique Morning absorbs dietary fat and helps weight loss, best result are achieved when combined with Le Supplément Diététique Night.

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